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Admittedly the only religious texts I’ve read much of are the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita. I think whatever forces and factors control the universe are far more terrifying than anything Christians or Hindus believe in. I guess the only thing separating an atheist from a religious individual is whether you believe the forces that govern the universe are sentient or not.

Radiohead has made some really bad music at points in their career, but as a whole OK Computer is unfuckwithable. Overhyped? Yes. Fanboy album to end all fanboy albums? Yes. A really great record? Also, yes.

Best Dog Award / The Blank Waves / Soft Deadlines / Brain Child


Best Dog Award - from Tucson, releasing their new EP on Rubber Brother Records!

The Blank Waves

Soft Deadlines

Brain Child


Not even a parody; this is literally the anti-vaccine movement.


Not even a parody; this is literally the anti-vaccine movement.

Literally every college grad I know is working the exact same type of low wage jobs they worked before and during college, or if they’d never gone at all, including those with STEM degrees. So, I don’t have a huge incentive to go back and finish.

One of the reasons I can’t call myself an anarchist is that I’ve been around so many self-proclaimed “anarchists” who would shame people for working 9 to 5, minimum wage jobs like "You’re buying in to the capitalist system by working, maaan" and yet they were actually rich white kids from the foothills whose parents wired them money all the time but they never admitted that in front of their cool and edgy anarchist collective friends. These were people who liked Chomsky and Crass and John Zerzan and dressed like crust punks but came from total economic luxury.

Listen, not one person on earth works a low wage job because they want to. Not one. They work a low wage job because they are forced to in order to survive, and that is a point that was missed entirely by trust fund crusties whose rich parents (correctly) assumed that their “anarchist” lifestyle was just a phase. People who have never had to struggle with low wages or involuntary unemployment have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to issues of class struggle and flaws in modern capitalism.

Portland, Oregon: Nice to visit but I’d never want to live there.


do you want to hear a joke

the north american education system

It’s still one of the only free education systems in the world that is available to all citizens, and abolishing the American public education system is a long-term goal of right-wing corporatists. They want public education gone so that the population is kept even more uninformed. So, instead of shitting on education, let’s work on improving it.


when u accidentally hurt ur friends feelings and they insist that its fine but u know it isnt



"Villain" originally meant "peasant" or "serfs", referring to the lowest class in Medieval Europe. It eventually came to mean one who commits crime or has malicious intent. This means that the poorest of Medieval Europe were looked upon as nothing but thieves and beggars by the nobility.








dear everyone who says he’s a good person

he also punched goofy too, what an imbecile.

Canada can take him back anytime now

He can go back into his mother’s womb anytime now

He can burn alive in a fire anytime now

Seriously beliebers need to stop beliebing in Justin Bieber… And start believing in some person who actually cares.

Ducking hell…

Need to eat but can’t because of stomach pain + shaking from lack of eating + sweating from heat + cold sweats from stomach pain + being surrounded by food you really want to eat = Hell


"Why do you want this job?"

Because under capitalism I am forced to sell my labor in order to subsist.